About Jojo

Joseph “JoJo” Romero Charles

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 Soulful, renewed, and blessed are all words to describe the incredible sound and unique style of long-time music industry professional, Joseph “JoJo” Romero Charles. JoJo received his early musical experience during the 90’s as a performer with his band New Age, a well-known group in the islands, New Age opened for reggae stars, such as Ziggy Marley, Maxi Priest, and 3rd World.After taking his career to New York, JoJo formed Nightshift, a popular band in the tri-state area, well-known for their homegrown style of classic reggae music. Nightshift currently performs at concerts, private parties, weddings, and other special events…always making the party experience one to remember.

Since his debut in 1995, this St. Croix native continued to sharpen his skills and increase his commitment to creating heartfelt music for his fans. His musical career has taken him all over the world, including St. Thomas, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and other major cities. His first album, self-titled JoJo, introduced the world to his artistic ability and gaining the respect of fellow artists and reggae music fans. In 2002, JoJo release his second album, “Lion Heart”, which has a deeper sound and the natural sway of traditional reggae. Lion Heart displayed JoJo’s commitment to reggae music. JoJo’s latest release “Glory”, takes a much closer look at his journey, his experiences and his genuine love for music.As the primary songwriter on the album, JoJo pours out his soul into every track and leaves nothing to the imagination. The album contains a much greater spiritual undertone than his previous works, and it has more conscious and inspirational tracks such as “I’m saved,” “Love God,” and the title track “Glory,” JoJo offers a transparency that cannot be denied. His own spirituality affects not only his music, but his way of life and aids him in his writing. His music carries a unique sound that cannot be denied.Being a father of three (Nester, Reshey, and Calvin) JoJo is strongly committed to creating music that his children can be proud of. As owner of his own label, L&M Records, JoJo plans to expand his reach through international sales and performances. His determination ensures that JoJo is destined for success, which he states “can’t be measured.” “The more you get, the more you want.” His own words of wisdom inspire JoJo to continue writing and performing songs that challenge, motivate, and inspire. JoJo’s music style is vibrant, memorable, and unique. His commitment to his music guarantees a future filled with greatness, grace, and of course…Glory!


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